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EpiPen® is the leading trusted brand of epinephrine auto-injector for more than 25 years! This disposable automatic injection is already filled with epinephrine for rapid injection in case of severe allergies.  EpiPen® serves as an emergency treatment for anaphylactic reactions. Anaphylaxis refers to the severe allergic reaction to an antigen (i.e. pollen, bee sting, dust) that affects the whole body, making it hypersensitive. 

Epinephrine, is a medication that reduces the allergic reaction through the following mechanism of action:

  • Provides a relaxing effect on the airways for ease of breathing
  • Supports a reduction in blood pressure, especially during critical situations when blood pressure increases dramatically
  • Also relaxes your muscles in certain organs (i.e. bladder, intestines, stomach)

How to use EpiPen

EpiPen® is very easy to use in just 2 easy steps.

  • Get a firm grasp on the auto-injector. Ensure that the orange tip is oriented downwards. Pull the blue safety cap straight up without bending or twisting it.
  • Inject onto the mid-outer thigh and push the orange tip until a “click” sound is heard. Firmly hold the auto-injector onto the thigh for a few seconds.

Right after the use of EpiPen®, go to the nearest emergency room to receive immediate medical attention since the mechanism of action and the effects of epinephrine is temporary. Once the effects subside, a second allergic reaction may occur.

Dosage strengths of EpiPen

The available doses are:

  • For adults and children who weigh 66 lbs (30 kg) and above
  • For children who weigh 33-66 lbs (15-30 kg) and above

Benefits of EpiPen

  • Easy to read instructions
  • Easy grip body
  • Built in needle protection

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