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Hot/Cold Packs

Looking for a simple way to relieve your pain? Try this hot and cold therapy using hot and cold packs! Hot/Cold Packs are an easy to apply pain relief therapy that soothes your joints and muscles. What’s special about hot cold packs is the non-invasive feature because you simply have to place it on top of the sore area. Plus, hot and cold packs are non-addictive, unlike other pain relief medications.

Benefits of Cold Therapy

A cold therapy usually consists of an ice or gel pack. Cold therapy restricts blood flow to the injured area by decreasing the size of the blood vessel opening (or vasoconstriction). This will slow down the flow of blood onto the swollen or bruised area.

To use effectively, apply the cold pack 1 to 2 days after the injury occurred. Do not apply for more than 20 minutes and make sure to place in a towel first.

Cold therapy is the recommended treatment for injuries, namely strain, sprain and bruises acquired during heavy sports or activities.

Benefits of Hot Therapy

The application of heat dilates the blood vessels (or vasodilation). This promotes increased blood flow and so, your sore muscles and joints receive more oxygen and nutrients, thereby decreasing the pain you feel. Heat from the hot therapy eases muscle spasms and allows a greater degree of flexibility for your tendons and ligaments.

Hot therapy or heat therapy is therefore suitable as an easy, simple remedy for stiff joints and muscle pain. 

In order to use safely and to prevent incurring a burn injury, it is advisable to wrap the hot pack in a towel. Do NOT apply the hot pack directly onto skin.

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