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Dry/Red Eyes

Dry eyes are a common condition that many people face. It is normally caused when the eyes do not produce enough fluid or lubrication to keep the eyes moist. As a result of this, eyes tend to become dry and make the person experiencing it feel very uncomfortable. Dry eyes tend to feel stinging and may even cause redness. There are many reasons why a person can have dry eyes. Some can be due to genetics due to a decreased production of tears, or it could be environmental, possibly arising from pollution or dry air.

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Red eyes, on the other hand, is another common condition affecting the eyes. It is characterized by the inflammation of the vessels in the eyes, which then causes redness in the eyes, often called bloodshot eyes. While red eyes are a sign of other underlying medical conditions, it can also be simply caused by irritants. Some of the most common irritants that cause red eyes include dry air, dust, and allergic reactions. Red eyes may also be a sign of infection, so it is important to monitor the eyes to ensure that there is no infection present.

For both dry eyes and red eyes, one of the simplest methods of helping to alleviate the effects is to use eye drops that are formulated for each problem. Many eye drops are made to lubricate the eye, acting as artificial tears that can help to reduce the pain and stinging that arises from having dry eyes. Red eyes also have other eye drops that can help to address the redness, as sometimes redness can be caused by dry eyes.

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