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Eye Infections

Eye infections are medical conditions that are caused when a foreign organism, such as a bacteria, fungi, or virus, comes in contact with and invades the eye area.  They can be caused by a variety of organisms, so one of the biggest ways to prevent eye infections is to avoid touching the eye often. Hand washing frequently, especially when coming in contact with another person who has an eye infection, is important to avoid infection. Contact lens wearers are also very susceptible to eye infections, as the contact lens can attract substances to the eye. Proper care and disposal of contact lenses can help to prevent a person from contracting an eye infection.

Diagnosing Eye Infections

One large problem with eye infections is that the symptoms mimic common problems with the eye. These include dry eyes, pain, redness, itching, and watery eyes. Since many people experience these on a daily basis, people may be unaware that they actually have an eye infection. If a person suspects that they have an eye infection, it is best to visit an optometrist or eye doctor. Many treatments for eye infections require a visit to the eye doctor first, so it should be a top priority to confirm the presence of an infection. If a person has an eye infection and he or she is a contact lens wearer, it is important that they avoid wearing them until the infection has been treated.

Treating Eye Infections

One of the common ways to treat eye infections is through the use of eye drops that are made specifically for this complication. These eye drops are made with antibiotics to combat the organisms that are affecting the eye, if used correctly.

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