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Eye Allergies

Eye allergies are allergic reactions in the eye in response to exposure to substances that a person is allergic to. There are many kinds of allergens in the world and some things that may cause an allergic reaction in one person may not necessarily cause a reaction in another person. Some common allergens include pet dander, mold, pollen, and dust. Allergies may also occur due to cosmetics like makeup and eye drops. Itchy dry eyes, watery eyes, eye redness, and many other symptoms are signs of an eye allergy.

Preventing Eye Allergies

There are several ways to prevent an eye allergy. If the person is a contact lens wearer, the first thing that should be done is to remove the contacts, if possible, as contacts can attract allergens in the air. The best way to prevent an eye allergy is to simply avoid the allergen that causes it. Over time, a person can avoid the locations and situations that have the allergen, such as avoiding being outdoors for too long during the seasons when pollen count is high.

Treating Eye Allergies

In order to treat eye allergies, one of the most common methods used to treat the allergic reaction would be to administer special eye drops formulated to combat allergies. These eye drops have lubrication properties that help address the reaction, as many eye allergies cause dryness and redness. Along with this, these special eye drops also can have antihistamines that help to reduce the allergic reaction to the specific allergen. Always make sure that the eye drops used to treat an eye allergy is formulated to treat eye allergies. There are many eye drops on the market, so it is important to read the label to ensure it can help treat eye allergies.

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