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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a type of lens used to help correct vision problems. There are several kinds of contact lenses; some are even just for cosmetic use to change the color of the eyes. The most common type of contact lens worn by people is the soft lens variety. These types of lenses are flexible and fit to the eye. These lenses when not in use are normally stored in a case filled with a solution that keeps the soft lenses moist and pliant, ready for use.

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One of the biggest concerns with contact lenses is the proper maintenance and care of the contact lens. Many lenses can be used for a long period of time, about two weeks, if used correctly, while others are only made for one-day use. Specifically for contact lenses that are for longer periods of use, they need to be stored overnight when not in use using a special solution made for contact lenses. These solutions help keep the lenses moist and can clean and disinfect the lenses after a day's use. There are many solutions on the market, so it is important that a person see their eye professional to consult concerning which solution is best for their eyes. Not all solutions are meant for everyone, so make sure to purchase the correct solution.

One disadvantage of using soft contact lenses is that they can have a tendency to dry out the eyes. While it is possible to use eye drops to help alleviate the dryness, only specific eye drops should be used when wearing contact lenses. These eye drops are often called rewetting drops and can be used when wearing contacts to help relieve dry eyes. Always check to make sure the eye drops being used are safe with contact lenses.

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