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Earplugs are devices that can be used for a variety of uses. One of the most simple is to use earplugs control the amount of noise heard by the person using them. These may be used on a plane, when there are a large number of people or even at home, if the person is having difficulty getting to sleep at night due to noises heard while trying to fall asleep. Earplugs, for those who use them, have been shown to reduce ambient noise and can help a person who has difficulty sleeping at night due to excessive noise.

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Swimmers also find use for earplugs in that they help to keep water from surging into the ear, be it from the pool or the beach. One common condition that arises among people who swim is a medical condition known as swimmer's ear. It is an ear infection that may cause pain that is caused by bacteria. This bacterium thrives on the water that may be in the ear due to swimming, creating an environment perfect for bacterial growth. By using earplugs while swimming, especially if a person is a competitive swimmer where they spend a long time in the water, can act as a barrier. This barrier can help to prevent water from staying in the ear for an extended period, thus helping to prevent ear infections like swimmer's ear.

As the use of earplugs is varied and vast, there are many different designs and shapes to cater to the specific needs of the person who uses it. Some may be mouldable, able to fit easily the shape of a person's ear, while others are disposable. Disposable kinds are useful, especially for those who are worried they may still get an ear infection due to use of ear plugs.

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