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TENS Machine

A TENS machine is a tool that is used therapeutically to help relieve pain through the use of electrical stimulation and electrical current. An anagram meaning transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, these machines apply an electrical current underneath the skin to activate and excite nerves, stimulating them to possibly relieve pain. TENS machines are normally used by people to treat pain and commercial machines are non-invasive ways to stimulate nerves.

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Some machines can act as massagers, stimulating nerves to relax sore and tired muscles. These machines are usually battery operated and are extremely portable. The intensity of the stimulation can be controlled and as such, can be personalized to the person using the device. TENS machines can be considered natural ways to relieve pain, as they do not require the ingestion of medications to act as an anti-inflammatory or pain reliever.

By attaching the small electrodes provided with the device to the skin, the TENS machine sends small impulses to that specific area of the body, normally resulting in a tingling feeling, which can relax muscles and reduce pain. TENS machines have been shown to help relieve the pain associated with arthritis, back pain, pain arising from sports injuries, and many more. It is also associated with being used during labor to help to alleviate labor pains. While it is shown to help to alleviate pain, a TENS machine is still a tool that should not be taken lightly. It is important to read all pamphlets and the instruction manual prior to the use of the TENS machine to ensure that no adverse side effects arise. People who have a pacemaker, for example, should not use the machine, so it is important to read all information prior to use.

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