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Syringes are diagnostic products that are comprised of a tube or barrel, plunger and needle that can be used to inject or extract fluids such as blood. Medical professionals and people who have been instructed by medical professionals are authorized for home use using syringes for a medical purpose. One such example of home use would be the injection of insulin for people with diabetes. Syringes have many different sizes of needles and volumes to cater to the specific need of the person. For people with diabetes, for example, an insulin needle tends to have a smaller, thinner needle. This can help to decrease the amount of pain felt by the user and to ensure that the needle does not penetrate too deeply.

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Syringes come in all different sizes and functions, but the ones typically commercially sold are for use by diabetic patients at home, especially for insulin or other “pen” type tools to administer their insulin. Some syringes are also latex free, which can help those who have a latex allergy to use them safely without the risk or worry of having an allergic reaction to latex.

Due to the fact that syringes pierce the skin and enter the body, it is extremely important that all syringes are sterile and only used once. This is to ensure that there is no cross contamination or infection. It is especially bad to share needles, which may increase the risk of infections such as HIV. Before every use of needle, make sure that it was not open prior to use and after every use of a needle or syringe, make sure to dispose of it correctly, typically in a biohazard-labeled trash bag.

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