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Pedometers are tools that are used to measure the number of steps a person takes. It is usually measured during a one-day period. Through the counting of steps done by a pedometer, it can be used in turn to measure the total distance traveled within a day. Originally used for athletes and other sports applications, pedometers have slowly started to gain popularity among people. Its popularity surge is largely due to the fact that it can be used as both a monitor and motivator for people who are conscious to get more physical activity during the day.

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Pedometers are small and compact, able to be secured onto a belt or pockets of pants. Because of its ease of wear, it makes it highly user-friendly. By seeing the number of steps taken during a day, it can act as a motivator for a person to get more active, helping to reduce the risk of diseases such as hypertension or diabetes.

While pedometers in the past have been notorious for being very inaccurate, as a small movement could be considered a false step, modern, more precise pedometers are able to discern which movements are steps and which are not. Some pedometers also equate steps to approximate distance, which can be a handy tool for those who also want to know the distance they walk during a day. Advanced pedometers may also track days of activity, so that the user is able to see the amount of steps they walked in total over a specific amount of time, and to monitor days when they are not getting enough activity.

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