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Preventative drugs

Preventative drugs or preventative medication is part of what is known as preventative healthcare, which is a set of measures designed to prevent transmission of diseases. Diseases can be caused by a number of uncontrollable factors, namely genetic predisposition and environmental features. That is why preventative healthcare consists of methods to keep the body physically healthy and the mind mentally sound, so as to be able to fight against these unchangeable conditions. Preventative healthcare, also called prophylaxis, is composed of four levels of disease prevention.

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The first level of disease prevention is called primary prevention. Primary prevention is all about either eliminating the disease causing agents or increasing the body's resistance to these agents. This level urges people to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and to keep to an exercise regimen appropriate to their body. Most importantly, it urges people to get vaccinated so as to acquire immunization against some diseases. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, as they say.

The secondary level of prevention is treatment and it is about detecting dormant, existing diseases before they begin to manifest their symptoms. This can be done through regular consultations and check-ups with a doctor, who can perform disease screenings and identify risk factors one is most prone to. Disease screenings can be done for high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood cholesterol, and the different kinds of cancer.

The tertiary level of prevention is rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is done when one does acquire a certain disease, but rehabilitation ensures that the negative impacts of this disease are lessened. This level is about taking medication and undergoing medical procedures to stop the disease from progressing further.

The quaternary level of prevention is about preventing the disease from causing further complications and other diseases.

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