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Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is a milky secretion made by worker honey bees. It is called ‘royal’ because it is used by the worker bees to nurture the superior development of a new queen bee from larvae. Royal jelly contains B-complex vitamins, amino acids, and other minerals, although the amount varies according to the climate and region where it was produced. This makes it ideal to be used in natural beauty products and dietary supplements. It has been in use in traditional Chinese medicine since the time of Imperial China because of its protective properties and many health and beauty benefits.

Royal Jelly Benefits

Royal Jelly Benefits Royal jelly is an overall tonic used for general health, like ginseng. It can fight the effects of aging by preventing premature aging of cells. It also lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. Moreover, royal jelly is famous for restoring the libido, stimulating sexual vigor, and boosting vitality, virility, and fertility. In fact, the ginseng royal jelly combination is popular in enhancing male fertility. Aside from this, it can restore the body’s energy and strength, and promote the body’s growth. Royal jelly can encourage and stimulate hair growth when applied to the scalp.

Furthermore, royal jelly has antioxidant properties, which regulate the oxidation of cells and diminishes chances of getting degenerative conditions like cancer and heart diseases. Royal jelly also stimulates the brain’s cognitive functions, lessening the effects of depression and stress. Users of royal jelly have reported a feeling of slight euphoria upon taking this jelly.

Royal Jelly Side Effects

Royal jelly may cause allergic reactions like hives and asthma in people allergic to bee products.

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