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Sheep Placenta

In recent years, placenta has come en vogue for new moms and beauty aficionados alike. You may have heard whispers about the health benefits of placenta, but do you know what this substance can do for your health and beauty? Sheep and deer placentae have many potential benefits that are currently being studied by researchers for their impacts on beauty and maternal health.

What is a placenta?

The placenta is an organ that connects a developing mammalian foetus to its mothers womb. It is anchored to the uterine wall throughout pregnancy, and delivers vital nutrients and oxygen to the developing foetus as it grows. Not all mammals have placentae, but many do: Humans, dogs, sheep, deer, elephants, bats and rodents all have them during pregnancy. The placenta develops early in the pregnancy and supports the mother's young throughout gestation. After the offspring has been born, the mother must also deliver the placenta.

The nutritional content of mammalian placenta is high. A study published in the US National Library of Medicine analysed the nutritional content of 30 human placentae. Researchers found that they contained protein, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, manganese, copper and phosphorus, alongside a variety of fats. The researchers concluded that when it came to nutrient content, placentas were 'enriched'.

So what kind of benefits might these nutrient-rich substances have for your health and beauty?

Sheep placenta for beauty

In recent years, celebrities such as Victoria Beckham have spoken out in favour of placental facials. Many beauty experts swear by the nutritious content that sheep placenta can provide. Because placentae deliver oxygen, vitamins and minerals to developing foetuses, they are nutrient-dense and rich in many of the ingredients associated with great skin.

We offer a number of sheep placenta products targeted at skin health and radiance. Our Marino Gold Placenta Serum combines the rich qualities of New Zealand sheep placenta with flakes of 23-carat gold to provide lasting anti-ageing benefits, while our Marino Placenta Cream targets ageing and sun-damaged skin with sleep placenta and lanolin. We also offer placenta capsules from Go Healthy and Goodhealth.

Because our sheep placenta products are derived from New Zealand sheep, you can rest assured you're getting a high quality product. Harold Lancer, a Beverly Hills-based specialist who has been said to provide facials to Victoria Beckham, was quoted by Fairfax Media as saying that New Zealand sheep are his top choice for placenta products.

"They have no impurities in their system," he said. "The stem cells we harvest are amniotic cells, which means no harm is caused to the animals. The stem cells are preserved because they are full of rich nutrients that fight free-radical damage to the skin and make it more radiant."

Placenta for new mums

If you're interested in the beauty benefits of sheep placenta, you may be curious to know more about a recent trend in post-partum care. The act of consuming one's placenta after giving birth - often referred to as placentophagy - was a common practice in ancient China.

Some midwives and new mums believe that consuming the placenta after birth may provide a variety of health benefits. Some people believe that consuming placenta could reduce the mother's risk of developing post-partum depression. Other advocates state that placenta consumption can increase breast milk supply and energy.

However, wide-scale research hasn't been done to prove this theory. Some natural health advocates point to the fact that wild mammals eat their placentae as evidence for why human mums should too - but most health professionals maintain that it's not necessary.

While taking placentae supplements may have once been outside of the norm, many people - especially new mums and those with ageing skin - are now discovering their benefits. Whether you're looking to restore your Jing, help reverse the effects of ageing, or add nutrients into your daily diet, placenta supplements may be a good fit for you. And of course, if you've recently given birth, you should consult with your doctor before beginning any supplement regime.

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