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Deer Placenta

In recent years, placenta has come en vogue for new moms and beauty aficionados alike. You may have heard whispers about the health benefits of placenta, but do you know what this substance can do for your health and beauty? Sheep and deer placentae have many potential benefits that are currently being studied by researchers for their impacts on beauty and maternal health.

What is a placenta?

The placenta is an organ that connects a developing mammalian foetus to its mothers womb. It is anchored to the uterine wall throughout pregnancy, and delivers vital nutrients and oxygen to the developing foetus as it grows. Not all mammals have placentae, but many do: Humans, dogs, sheep, deer, elephants, bats and rodents all have them during pregnancy. The placenta develops early in the pregnancy and supports the mother's young throughout gestation. After the offspring has been born, the mother must also deliver the placenta.

The nutritional content of mammalian placenta is high. A study published in the US National Library of Medicine analysed the nutritional content of 30 human placentae. Researchers found that they contained protein, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, manganese, copper and phosphorus, alongside a variety of fats. The researchers concluded that when it came to nutrient content, placentas were 'enriched'.

So what kind of benefits might these nutrient-rich substances have for your health and beauty?

Deer placenta for beauty

Like other placenta types, deer placenta contains a number of growth factors. This holds numerous benefits for skin and cell regeneration. Taking deer placenta supplements may have an anti-ageing effect, which is why many people chose to take them.

Our Nutralife New Zealand Deer Placenta capsules may help boost your energy and replenish your body. Deer placenta is well-matched with the human body. This means that it has similar health benefits to those of human placentae, making it a natural good fit for your body. These capsules can assist in the ageing process, provide nutrients and perhaps even restore your Jing (essence of life).

Furthermore, the placentae used to make these supplements come from New Zealand-raised deer. Like our sheep products, these animals are raised right here in New Zealand on clean local soil.

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