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Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Tester

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Maybe Baby
Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Tester


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    Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Tester

    Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Tester lets you know when you are most likely to get pregnant. It offers a simple, convenient way of determining if you are ovulating or not. Plus, this saliva test boasts of 98% accuracy, delivering results in as fast as 10 to 15 minutes. What’s more, it is reusable so you easily get your money’s worth
    How does Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Tester work?
    Maybe Baby comes up with a visual picture of your saliva! During your ovulation period, when you are most fertile and likely to conceive, your estrogen levels in the saliva increases exponentially. This increase in the hormone estrogen found in your saliva is detected by the Maybe Baby.
    How to use the Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Tester
    This simple saliva test is user-friendly. To use, place on top of the lens just a small amount of your saliva and wait for it to dry. Use the viewfinder to look at the image formed, as well as the specific patterns of the change in estrogen levels. The pattern corresponds to your current stage in the cycle. Don’t worry, there’s a guide that you can use to help you distinguish the translucent or grey patterns against the green background.
    How to interpret the results of the Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Tester

    • Non-fertile or low estrogen period corresponds to a pattern of pebbles or dots = No chance for conception to occur
    • Transitional phase with increasing estrogen levels corresponds to a mix of pebbles and small ferns = There is a chance for conception to occur, especially during full ferning
    • Ovulation period with higher levels of estrogen corresponds to a distinct fern pattern = Highest chance for conception to occur

    Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Tester

    Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Tester

    • Simple test
      • does not involve urine tests
      • comes in small size, portable
      • can be used at any time and at any place
    • 98% accuracy
      • determines your ovulation period
      • gives fast results (in 10-15 minutes)
      • may influence your child’s gender
    • Your money’s worth
      • reusable for one year (if used after a month)
      • does not need any maintenance

    How does Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Tester influence the gender of your child?

    According to statistics, doing intercourse during a specific stage in your cycle can influence the gender of your child.

    • Boy: Have sexual intercourse on the ACTUAL day of your ovulation. It is because male sperm die sooner, even if they swims faster.
    • Girl: Have sexual intercourse at least 2-3 days before your ovulation period. Then, practice abstinence from then on to raise the chances of having a girl. It’s because female sperm live longer, although they swim slower.


    1. Ensure you have not had anything to eat or drink for at least 3 hours prior to using MAYBE BABY (water is fine).

    2. Remove the protective cover.

    3. PULL the viewfinder (lens) from the housing but DO NOT unscrew the eyepiece (rotating part of the viewfinder).

    4. Clean the flat internal glass surface of the viewfinder with the lint free cloth provided. Do NOT use water, cleaning products or other cloth as this may scratch the lens.

    5. Using a clean fingertip place a smear of saliva over the flat internal glass surface of the viewfinder. Make sure there are no bubbles of saliva on the lens.

    6. Leave the saliva to dry for approximately 10 minutes. The indication of oestrogen in the saliva (i.e. the fern like pattern) will only appear in a dry saliva sample.

    7. Replace the viewfinder.

    8. Hold the MAYBE BABY up close to your eye.

    9. Press the light switch on the bottom of the MAYBE BABY.

    10. View the results through the viewfinder.

    11. Please note that the results will NOT be black. The pebble/fern pattern will be translucent/greyish against the green background and very obvious.

    12. It is recommended that you use the chart provided to record your cycle. This chart will help you to identify your own cycle and fern patterns. Please refer the Science of MAYBE BABY Link or speak with your doctor for more information.

    Consultation Request:

    Consultation Request:
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