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Marzena Liquid Wax

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Hair Care
Marzena Liquid Wax

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    Marzena Liquid Wax 

    Marzena Liquid Wax is a natural, organic thick liquid wax

    Features and Benefits:

    • The hard plastic pot can be placed directly in the microwave or pot of water, therefore no mess
    • Water soluble wax means drips can easily be wiped off and wax residue can be washed off. It also enables cotton strips to be washed and re-used for better economy.
    • Big 12.5 oz pot is enough for about 25 half leg waxes which gives great value
    • The warm wax opens the pores slightly and grips the hair strongly, which aids removal of very strong hair, such as underarms
    • Five bonus Cotton Strips in the pack allow the consumer to get started without the necessity to purchase additional strips.
    • Formulated to remain spreadable at lower temperatures so it is not necessary to constantly reheat the wax.

    Why use the Warm Wax method?

    • For easier removal of stubborn, strong hair
    • To be smoother and hair free longer
    • Cheaper and more convenient than salon treatment



      1.Warm the wax in microwave or by placing the turn in boiling water until it reaches a thin, spreadable consistency

      2.Use a spatula or knife to spread thinly over hair, spreading in the direction of the hair growth.

      3.Place a cotton strip over the wax and spread down

      4.Quickly zip the cotton strip backwards against the hair growth direction, holding hand close to skin, thus removing the wax and unwanted hair.



      Wax treatments may not be suitable for people with extra sensitive or problem skins.

      • Wax treatments are not recommended for the elderly or people with loose skin.
      • Wax should not be applied over sunburn, chapped, broken or sore skin, cuts, weak scars or eczema. Nor should it be used on varicose veins, moles or warts, inside the nose or ears, on nipples or genital areas. 
      • Take extreme caution when warming the wax.  Testing or applying the wax when it is too hot could cause you serious injury. Read the instructions carefully. Proceed at all times with extreme caution. Remember the pot containing the wax will also become hot. Use a towel when handling the heated pot. Place the towel around the pot and over your hand and wrist to fully protect your skin in case you have overheated, or accidentally spill, the wax. Always use a spatula when testing the wax heat or when applying the wax.
      • Failure to heed these warnings may result in severe skin irritation, skin removal or other injury.


      If the skin to be treated is not held taut, and the cotton strip is not zipped or pulled back fast and close to the skin, a pinching effect may be felt. A residue of wax will remain on the skin or worse, skin could be removed resulting in injury.

      Do not use the same time setting each time you heat the wax. Because the amount of wax remaining after each treatment will be less than the previous treatment, the time setting will decrease accordingly. Follow the instructions or warming the wax very carefully.  Heating times are a guide only. Use extreme caution when testing the wax for its warmth.

      Consultation Request:

      Consultation Request:
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