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Jock's Itch

Jock’s itch, which is caused by the fungus ringworm, is an infection that afflicts the outer layers of the skin and nails. It is most common in male athletes, as the name suggests, but can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender, and occupation. Its technical and medical name is tinea cruris and it is very similar in nature to other diseases like athlete’s foot. The difference is that although athlete’s foot most commonly affects the feet and the toes, jock’s itch affects the more private areas of the groin, buttocks, and inner thighs. Unfortunately, it is possible to be afflicted with athlete’s foot and jock’s itch at the same time, because they are caused by the same condition: the proliferation of fungus in warm and moist areas.

More Information

Jock’s itch causes the afflicted area, whether it be the groin or the buttocks, to become itchy and to develop rashes. Rashes caused by jock’s itch have distinct appearances in that they may be reddish or brownish in color. These rashes can quickly spread to surrounding skin of the body. Their edges will either look scaly or develop pus bumps that will ooze. If left untreated, jock’s itch can cause infections on the head of the penis for men and yeast infections for women. Furthermore, because it affects the skin, it can even lead to further complications such as open sores and ulcers.

Treating jock’s itch isn’t very difficult. One can simply buy creams and lotions that are sold over the counter and apply them to the affected area. If jock’s itch has caused blisters, one can use compresses to dry these blisters before applying the antifungal cream. To prevent becoming re-infected, one should always make sure to wash their underwear properly. One should also wash their towels after each use.

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