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Hangover Relief

A hangover is an unpleasant side effect from a over consumption of alcohol, primarily ethanol. The symptoms of hangover can vary from person to person, but commonly people who experience hangovers tend to feel dizzy, drowsy, have a headache, and may have trouble concentrating. It is not a medical condition; it is more an effect caused by drinking too much alcohol.

Causes of hangovers

It has not been established what is the specific cause of a hangover, but it is widely understood that hangovers are caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. Some factors that may cause a person to be more prone to having a hangover include sleep deprivation, dehydration, and metabolism

Treatment of hangovers

While there are many different treatments that have been suggested to treat a hangover, there is very little evidence shown that proves the beneficial effects of using said treatment. One of the best ways to avoid having a hangover is to simply observe moderation when consuming alcohol or even to avoid consuming alcohol altogether.

One such example that has potential benefits is to make sure to drink enough water other than alcohol before, during, and after. By doing so, a person may avoid feeling dizzy, having a dry mouth, or feeling thirsty, all symptoms of a hangover.

Natural remedies for hangovers

In the same case as treating a hangover medically, there are some natural remedies that exist to help alleviate the effects. However, they also have not been proven to treat hangovers entirely. One treatment is a supplement that aims to replace the amino acids and other body nutrients that are lost during consumption of alcohol. By doing so, the harmful effects of a hangover are less felt, helping to prevent dizziness and other conditions commonly associated with a hangover.

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