First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a set of supplies, over the counter drugs, medical products, and equipment stored for use during emergencies or in the event of minor and common injuries. First aid kits can be bought or put together at home, and one may have separate first aid kits for his house and his car. The contents of a first aid kit may differ depending on one’s geographical location, medical condition, and preferences. As a matter of fact, there are first aid kits designed specifically for certain activities like hiking, camping, and boating. International standard mandates that first aid kits must have the symbol for first aid, which is a white cross on a green background, to make it easier to identify and recognizable to people requiring first aid.

First Aid Kit Contents

A basic first aid kit should contain disinfectants like hand sanitizers, antibiotic ointments, and antiseptic solutions. It should contain bandages in assorted sizes and instant cold packs and compresses for muscle strains and sprains. Furthermore, it should have it petroleum jelly or other lubricants. It should have vital materials such as adhesive tape and duct tape, cotton balls and cotton tipped swabs, several pairs of disposable non-latex gloves, scissors, safety pins, and plastic bags. Most importantly, it should contain a first aid manual.

As for medication, a first aid kit should have pain relievers, laxatives, antacids, and cough and cold medications. One should not forget to put his personal medication in his first aid kit. First aid kits also need emergency items like important phone numbers, small waterproof flashlights with extra batteries, waterproof matches, sunscreen, insect repellents, and a whistle.

First aid kits should be checked regularly, to make sure the medications are still valid, the phone numbers are updates, and the batteries for the flashlight still work.

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