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Feminine Hygiene

Feminine hygiene products are personal care products for women, particularly for during their menstrual period or for dealing with vaginal discharge. Maintaining proper feminine hygiene is important, not only because it can prevent bacterial infections, vaginal irritation, and the like, but also because it prevents unpleasant and embarrassing odours, and uncomfortable itching.

Maintaining good hygiene

To maintain good feminine hygiene, women should wash thoroughly regularly. However, they should remember to use only mild soap and water, or specially formulated feminine hygiene products. Some body soaps may be too harsh for use in the vaginal area. They should avoid tight fitting underwear, tights, or pants, because these reduce the ability of air to circulate in the vaginal region. This causes the vaginal area to sweat more, making it prone to infection and odours. Instead, they should wear loose clothing and fabrics that will allow the vaginal region to breathe easily. For the same reason, it is recommended that women immediately change into fresh, clean clothing when they sweat or after performing rigorous exercise. Furthermore, if women need to use tissues or wipes, they should use soft, unscented ones that do not contain dyes. Most importantly, women should eat a balanced diet, with plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Another way of maintaining proper feminine hygiene is by using products like menstrual cups, sanitary napkins, panty liners, and tampons. Women should make sure to check that their sanitary pads and panty liners are made of all-natural and biodegradable materials. There are ultra absorbent sanitary pads are specially made for either daytime or night time. One can also use feminine powders that protect against and absorb moisture, which is most useful for hot summer days! If one experiences vaginal dryness, she can also use intimate moisturizers to achieve relief.

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