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Cellfood 30ml

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Cellfood 30ml


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    CELLFOOD is a quantum leap in liquid dietary supplement technology. Put into water, CELLFOOD splits the water molecule, H2O, into separate Hydrogen and Oxygen, allowing for almost immediate absorption by the cells. CELLFOOD dramatically increases the amount of Oxygen in the water.

    CELLFOOD is also a powerful electrolyte. Its proprietary formulation of a super-energised colloidal concentrate contains 78-micro-ionic minerals, 17-amino acids and 34-plant enzymes - both metabolic and digestive enzymes. This Oxygen-enriched solution is delivered through ingestion to every single cell in the body. The result? Anaerobic disease (virus, bacteira, fungus - which like low oxygen) find it hard to thrive in such an Oxygen-rich environment.

    Just a few drops of CELLFOOD every day and the cleansing and building processes begin. Its unique synergy makes CELLFOOD an ecellent Oxygen, Mineral, Enzyme and Detoxification product.

    CELLFOOD can help:

    • Increase Vitality
    • Help to detoxify the body
    • Support sexual energy
    • Increase Vibrant Hair and SKin
    • Assist in times of stress


    Adults: Stir 15 drops in 1 cup (200ml) of water or juice. Take only 1 or 2 times daily, or 3 times daily in times of physical stress or activity.
    Children: Use one quarter to one half the adult amount.

    This bottle contains approximately 45 15-drop portions.


    Each 15-drop serving contains 611mg of CELLFOOD, a proprietary blend of purified water, dissolved oxygen, sea water extract, plant source amino acid blend, and plant source enzyme blend.

    Consultation Request:

    Consultation Request:
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