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About Solgar

Even though we have better access to food perhaps now more than ever, modern day diets still don't give us everything we need for our bodies. In fact, in large part thanks to how heavily processed many of our supermarket goods are, we are missing out on a variety of essential nutrients and minerals that we need for optimum wellbeing.

Solgar nutritional supplements could be what you're looking for. This company, which has been providing its services since 1947, specialises in creating products that are based in science and promote good health and wellbeing for customers around the globe.

Though it's certainly easy to brag that you provide this quality, Solgar takes it that one step further with its trademarked Gold Standard. Each and every product made in its state-of-the-art factory must pass through a series of tests, or meet a list of guidelines, before it can be declared Gold Standard, and thus be shipped to the world.

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This Standard entails:

  1. Research-based
  2. Gluten free
  3. Halal and Kosher certified
  4. Recycled glass bottle packaging

Solgar also invested over US$1 million into the water filtration system of its factory, ensures all of its equipment is spectacularly clean and routinely tests both air and waterborne particles to make sure the factory remains this way.

Why use Solgar products?
Nutritional supplements are a great way to introduce new vitamins and minerals into your body when its lacking. This also includes new strains of healthy bacteria, which can promote a range of benefits, such as a bolstered immune system, reduced digestive trouble and more.

For example, a strain of good bacteria contained within Solgar ABC Dophilus Powder that an infant needs is bifidobacterium infantis (B. infantis). If you or your partner gave birth via caesarean, it's possible your infant may require a boost of this particular microorganism, as it is one that stays with us our whole lives.

One such benefit is for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), as a study published by the US National Library of Medicine suggested: "B. infantis [...] is a probiotic that specifically relieves many of the symptoms of IBS," the authors wrote.

And that's just a single example from the large and varied Solgar range.

An overview of Solgar vitamins

Here is a quick guide to some of the other available products in the Solgar range, and a bit about their benefits:
-Solgar Alpha Lipoic Acid: A nutritional supplement such as Solgar Alpha Lipoic Acid Vegicaps could be the next antioxidant for your medicine cabinet. Alpha lipoic acid itself can be found throughout every cell of our body, turning glucose into energy. As a potent antioxidant, this chemical helps fend off free radicals, which can cause harmful reactions within the body, making it harder to fight infections and damaging organs.

-Solgar Betaine Hydrochloride with Pepsin: Those who suffer digestive discomfort may benefit from a supplement of Solgar Beta Pepsin - Betain Hydrochloride with Pepsin tablets. Betain Hydrochloride can help manage the hydrochloric acid levels of your stomach both to balance the pH levels and to bolster it if there's not enough. A study also published in the US National Library of Medicine showed this chemical to be effective, suggesting that taking it regularly could help balance the acidity of stomach acid in healthy patients.

Alongside these two, you can also get Solgar products for a range of other ailments. These include:

  1. Support of the immune system
  2. Women's pregnancy health
  3. Stress-support and low levels of motivation
  4. Introducing essential nutrients

And so many more!

Take a look at the range of Solgar products today to see if there's a supplement available to help your body's needs.

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Shop for full range of Solgar range on NetPharmacy NZ at discounted prices.

Solgar  Vitamin B-Complex 100 - Capsules

Solgar Vitamin B-Complex 100 - Capsules

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