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Inner Health

You may have heard about probiotics in the past, and the raft of benefits they can offer. Our gastrointestinal tract, better known as the gut, is a microcosm of bacteria - both good and bad - that performs a variety of functions within our body. Sometimes when we take certain types of medication, or when we suffer illness that affects the gut, the balance of good and bad bacteria is thrown and we start to suffer certain ailments.

This is when people turn to probiotic supplements such as those provided by Inner Health.

About Inner Health

Well known for the cute blue creatures that appear frequently in the brand's television advertisements and promotional banners, Inner Health is one of the leading providers of probiotic supplements in both Australia and New Zealand.

The brand is manufactured by Health World Limited, an Australian natural health and research company formed by Michael and Leon Brosnan in 1985.

According to the company's website: "Much of Health World Limited's success is due to its strict adherence to its mission of helping people live happier, healthier lives." Inner Health understands the major differences between bacterial strains and the benefits they can offer the human body. In order to provide maximum health benefits, the company specifically researches and selects certain strains over others, so that their key traits can be best put to use. This means nobody wastes time or money on a type of bacteria that will be ineffective.

Why are Inner Health products beneficial?

For those of you who are unsure, the term 'probiotic' refers to the different types of good bacteria that live inside us. They are living organisms, sharing a symbiotic bond with us to the betterment of both host and bacteria.

In fact, according to Inner Health, there are over 200 million different types of bacterial strains living inside the average human gut right now, totaling about 2-4 kilograms worth! We would actually struggle to live without these friendly microorganisms, as they help perform a variety of highly important tasks within the body. Bacteria is associated with our immune system, digestion, and nutrient production.

Many normal lifestyle choices can affect the balance of both good and bad bacteria in our gut. For example, regularly taking antibiotics, or even something as simple as consuming excessive fatty foods and alcohol, can either kill the good bacteria or help grow the bad, leading to uncomfortable symptoms. These could include abdominal fullness, diarrhoea, bloating, gassiness and even unintentional weight loss.

Introducing new bacteria to the mix can help balance out the bad, promoting immune system support and restoring order to your intestinal tract.

An overview of Inner Health supplements

Here is a quick guide to some of the Inner Health products available.

Inner Health Plus: The flagship of Inner Health is its Inner Health Plus capsules. This product introduces the B. lactis strain of bacteria, which a study published by the US National Library of Medicine showed can assist with reducing symptoms associated with functional bowel disorders, such as bloating. It also contains strains of L. acidophilus (NCFM), which can help keep the bacteria alive until it gets to your digestive tract.

Inner Health immune booster: Our children are perhaps some of the most at risk of bacterial infection, thanks to their developing immune systems and the fact that they often touch and eat everything in sight.Inner Health Immune Booster for Kids powder is specifically formulated with B. lactis and L. acidophilus to strengthen your child's immune system, thus helping to reduce the amount of colds, coughs, sneezes and other illnesses they may contract.

Inner Health Powder: Capsules aren't for everyone. If you'd like a powdered formula, consider Inner Health Powder. This product contains similar benefits to the capsules, as well as specially formulated matrix Probioplex, which acts as food for the good bacteria, helping them stick to the inner walls of your intestinal tract and begin providing their benefits.

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