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If you are at a stage in life where you're noticing wrinkles forming more and more frequently, there's a good chance you've got a cupboard, shelf or surface full of anti-ageing products. Sure, creams and chemicals can certainly smell and feel nice on the skin, but considering real beauty comes from within, could the secrets to reversing the clock also come from inside?

About Imedeen

This is where Imedeen comes in. Imedeen skincare products are a range of market-leading tablets designed especially to turn back the effects of ageing from within the body.

The brand was first devised by a Danish healthcare company by the name of Ferrosan in 1991. Since then, Imedeen has gone on to impress not just thousands of women around the world, but scientists and dermatologists, too.

The science behind Imedeen

Your skin is the body's largest organ, and protects you from the environment and external harm - not to mention the fact that it keeps all of your guts in!

As we age, our skin is affected on not just the surface layer (the epidermis), but also the second layer (the dermis). In a nutshell, the epidermis is the layer of skin which contains pigment, proteins and skin cells. Slightly deeper, the dermis is the largest layer, and supports the epidermis. It contains our blood vessels, nerve endings, hair follicles and oil glands. In addition, the dermis layer is also where collagen and elastin is contained.

The ageing process doesn't just thin the epidermis, it also reduces the stretchiness of our elastin in the dermis, which can give older skin - especially on people who spent a lot of time in the sun throughout their life - that wrinkled, leathery look.

Where most anti-ageing creams can certainly help your skin on the surface, they often do little to strengthen and reinvigorate the dermis layer beneath. That's why Imedeen tablets are so effective. Utilising a special blend of chemicals and proteins, these products strengthen skin to produce more long-term benefits.

Scientific studies back these results up, too.

"The efficacy of Imedeen Time Perfection was tested under rigorous conditions and the results were very impressive," said Dr Monya L Sigler of Stephens and Associates. "The Imedeen product showed statistically significant improvements over placebo for the Investigator's clinical grading, instrumental measurements and the women's own evaluation. These results are among the best that I have seen."

Imedeen products

Here are some examples of Imedeen products, and how they might help you.

Imedeen Classic: Imedeen Classic tablets are designed to add some spring to your skins figurative step. Their exclusive Marine Complex mixture of proteins and polysaccharides are bolstered with a mixture of zinc and vitamin C to promote healthy collagen production.

Imedeen Prime Renewal: If you're looking for a unique, proven way to reduce the appearance (and indeed cause) of wrinkles, try Imedeen Prime Renewal tablets. Not only does this pack contain the same beneficial Marine Complex that the classic tablets do, but it also has its own special blend of natural ingredients called ViTea. ViTea combines white tea, tomato and grape extracts with vitamins C and E.

Imedeen Time Perfection: To lock your skin in a place of ageless beauty, you should consider Imedeen Time Perfection tablets. On top of the excellent benefits yielded from Imedeen's superb Marine Complex, Time Perfection also contains another potent anti-ageing mix: LycoPhence GS Forte. Lycopene, contained in the tablets, is a powerful antioxidant that has been proven to help beat the signs of ageing by fighting free radical damage in the skin.

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