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Blistex began in the United States as a small, family-run company decades of years ago in 1947. Blistex specializes in lip care products. As a company, it is dedicated to providing high-quality products and ultimately become the leader in lip care. It expanded in 1967 with the creation of research and development facilities and the building of a corporate headquarters complex in Oak Brook, Illinois. Today, Blistex has become synonymous with lip care, lip protection and relief, and it continues to be devoted to product quality and innovation.

Blistex has taken on the ‘green initiative’ to be a socially responsible company. It employs various recycling and resource conversation programs and has done so since 2008. As a matter of fact, Blistex has created what they call the Greensped Team, a team devoted to reducing their negative environmental impact. The Greenspeed Team is all about ensuring sustainability in the way the company sources materials, handles packaging, and updates the facilities and equipment.

As a testament to its growth and development, Blistex is also the parent brand to a number of other brands such as Stridex, Ivarest, Kank-A, Glysomed, and Foille. Stridex, Ivarest, and Kank-A cover various health care conditions like acne, mouth and sore pain, and poison ivy itching. Glysomed is a skin care brand for hand and body lotions, while Foille is for first aid products.

Lip Care

Your lips are one of the most prominent features of your face, but the skin on your lips is different from the skin on the rest of your body. Your lips don’t have the same protective outer layer and they also don’t have the same combination of oil and sweat glands. Because of these two factors, the only source of moisture of the lips is the saliva inside the mouth.

Some lip problems are cold sores, fever blisters, and lip dryness or chapping. The lips can also be affected by burns from sun damage and aging. Cold sores and fever blisters are painful infections that cause sensations of heat, tingling, and itching. Lesser known lip conditions are cosmetic dermatitis, photosensitivity, and cheilitis. These conditions are triggered by application of certain substances to the skin of the lips and may cause scaling, cracking, and swelling.

What are the benefits of Blistex products?

The Blistex brand of lip care products offer medicated lip balms, lip medex, and lip ointment. The Blistex brand’s lip care products are made with high-protection sunscreen and contain natural moisturizers like vitamin E, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and cocoa and shea butter. They are also fortified with wheat germ oil, beeswax, and ceresin for smooth conditioning of the lips.

Vitamin E is a common ingredient in body lotions and other skin care products. This is because it is an antioxidant, which means it can protect the cells of the body from damage. This prevents premature aging of the skin. As an antioxidant, vitamin E also protects the thin skin of the lips against damage from harmful environmental factors like the sun’s UV rays and even air pollution.

The moisturizers aloe vera, jojoba oil and cocoa and shea butter work by creating a protective layer over the lips where there is none. Dry skin happens when the moisture in the lips escape because of a lack of lipids. These moisturizers act as emollients and trap the water within the lips. What makes them doubly effective as moisturizers is that they can draw moisture from the surrounding air into the lips.

These components also have healing properties, which make them effective for treating cold sores, and cooling properties to soothe cracked and chapped lips. Aside from this, it maintains the youthful texture of the lips. This ensures the lips appear rosy and healthy!

What Blistex products are available?

  • Intensive Repair – provides cool relief for chapped or dry lips
  • Lip Balm Ultra SPF30 – protects the lips with 6 different protectants
  • Lip Conditioner Pot SPF15 – enriched with the protein collagen to condition the lips
  • Lip Medicated Relief – provides relief caused by pain, discomfort, and itching from cold sores and fever blisters

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