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Bioglan is the pioneer brand for quality vitamin and mineral supplements that started in Australia more than 25 years ago. Bioglan products are famous for being made using unique formulations that have been created and tested by qualified naturopaths, who are people who employ alternative medicine like homeopathy, herbalism, and acupuncture. Bioglan's naturopaths have years of health experience! Aside from naturopaths, Bioglan also engages with nutritionists and health care professionals.

About Bioglan

Bioglan uses only the best natural ingredients and raw materials. Every stage of producing these products has been certified by the Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP, from the sourcing of the materials to the manufacturing of the final product itself. These Bioglan products use packaging that has clear and concise label, so as to promote transparency with the customers.

The vision of the Bioglan brand of food supplement products is to be able to offer the most advanced and most diverse range of supplements in the European market. Bioglan aims for producing effective products that are different from its competitors, so it can offer its customers whatever products they need.

The promise of the Bioglan brand is to always make sure that their top priority is the health and well being of their customers. The Bioglan brand promises to offer only superior products to its customers.

What Bioglan products are available?

  • Calamari Gold, which is infused with omega-3 DHA
  • Glucosamine Plus, a naturally occurring chemical
  • Biotic Balance, that contains probiotics and prebiotics
  • Red Krill Oil, which is filled with the 3 omega-3 essential fatty acids
  • Rest and Restore, that replenishes the body
  • Stat Guard, that's specially formulated with nutrients
  • Super Fish Oil, which has all the nutrient of fish oil
  • Superfoods, that are good for the body
  • Blood pressure formula, for managing cholesterol levels

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