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Benzac AC Acne Treatment

Benzac AC, with generic name Benzoyl Peroxide, is mainly used for treating mild to moderate conditions of acne. Benzoyl Peroxide is an organic compound, a compound with its molecules containing carbon. It has many uses aside from treating acne, as it is also used for improving flour, dyeing the hair, and for whitening of the teeth. As a topical cream, Benzac has three strengths. These are 2.5%, which is mild, 5% for moderate, and 10% for high, and these amounts refer to the active benzoyl peroxide in the product. Benzac is a spot treatment, which is only applied to areas that are affected with acne. Effects can be seen as early as after a week of treatment, particularly if used with combination of a mild skin cleanser and a light moisturizing cream. After using for a month, a doctor can now assess the new condition of the skin. Read more about Benzac AC Acne Treatment range.

Benzac has powerful antimicrobial properties, meaning it has the ability to kill microorganisms, particularly pathogenic microorganisms, and delay their growth. When used as treatment for acne, Benzac works by lessening the amount of bacteria that causes acne. It then causes the skin to dry and peel. Aside from this, Benzac can unblock pores, removing accumulation of dirt that leads to having blackheads and whiteheads. Blackheads and whiteheads can eventually develop into pimples. Benzac can even absorb excess oil, preventing oily skin without causing the skin to dry. Oily skin also can lead to acne.

Benzac contains natural extracts of calendula and aloe vera. Calendula is an herb used for making lotions lotion bars, and healing salves because of it helps the skin to regenerate. By helping the skin regenerate, calendula treats dry and damaged skin. Aloe vera, on the other hand, is a plant used to treat skin conditions and keep the skin soft and hydrated. For this reason, Benzac may also serve as acne spot treatment, acne scar removal and by far, the best treatment for acne.

An initial side effect of suing Benzac is dryness and irritation of the skin, which is why people are advised to start using Benzac at 5%, so as to let the skin develop a tolerance for it first. People with particularly sensitive skin may experience a burning sensation, itching, peeling, and swelling of the affected areas.

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