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Amazonia believes in everything organic. From its humble roots way back seven years ago, it has started small with the simple acai berry, harnessing its potent ingredients with multiple health benefits. Amazonia seeks to provide only the best nutrition available to healthy individuals so they face each new day with renewed vigor, vitality and energy.

Amazonia Ingredients

Amazonia ingredients are directly sourced from superfoods. That’s what makes it so nourishing and nutritious. They say NO to synthetic ingredients and heavily refined foods. Plus, the brand cares about the environment. In fact, Amazonia plays a role in the global sustainable movement with their use of vegetable inks and recycled materials. They ensure sustainability in each of their product, including their very own Fair Trade green coffee bean, Raw range superfoods, Ecuadorian cacao and sea minerals. Founder and CEO Dwayne Martens says, "we are proud to show true innovation and use authentic practices, setting a high benchmark for sustainability."

What makes Amazonia supplements unique?

Organic raw ingredients. Each Amazonia product is certified organic and free of harmful metals and substances. These are Australian certified organic supplements!

Wholefood nutrients. Combines a wide array of multivitamins and minerals, plus potent antioxidants, to boost your health and uplift your energy.

Nothing artificial. A single drop or a single capsule is formulated free of synthetic flavouring, coloring or additives to ensure that you receive only certified organic ingredients.

Amazonia product range

Amazonia introduces premium nutritional blend of nutrients to help you jumpstart your day right. Interested in trying Amazonia? To start, here are some products to promote a fit and healthy body.

Acai Range. Organic Acai with 2-3 times antioxidants of blueberries

Raw Protein Range. Raw natural protein for daily maintenance and repair

Raw Nutritional Range. Raw vitamin C has an alkalizing effect

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