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Listen up, ladies! We women know that using high-quality products is essential for a successful beauty routine. Our skin, hair and nails project a message to the world about who we are, so it makes sense that we want to support our looks with top-of-the-line cosmetics, hair care essentials and skin solutions. Natural beauty products can contribute not only to your looks, but to a holistic approach to health. Want radiantly glowing skin and shiny hair? You'll have to support your body with the best organic beauty products out there.

Skin care and cosmetics:

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. As such, it responds to all different kinds of signals from within: hormones, inflammation, dehydration, poor nutrition and inadequate sleep can all have harmful effects on your skin's firmness, clarity and luminosity.

There are about as many skin types as there are people on the planet, so it's important to find natural beauty products that are right for your individual body and skin care concerns.

Ageing: If your primary concern is fine lines and wrinkles, collagen is your new best friend. This protein binds our connective tissues together, and our collagen levels naturally decrease as we age. However, many other factors can also speed up the ageing process, including UV radiation, alcohol and tobacco consumption, and elevated blood sugar levels.

To help protect against ageing and keep your skin firm and toned, moisturise and protect your skin with organic skin care products that boost collagen production, minimise the appearance of sunspots and provide protection from harmful UV rays.

Acne: Acne isn't just a youth issue, it can plague adults as well. For teens, acne is often the result of excess oil production caused by hormonal changes. In adults, however, the cause of acne is more tricky to pinpoint. Factors such as inflammation, skin sensitivity, sugar and carbohydrate consumption, environmental factors and hormonal imbalances have all been thought to cause and aggravate acne.

Dry and/or sensitive skin: Natural skin care products are beneficial for those who have dry, sensitive skin. A soothing, gentle skin care routine is super important for ensuring you don't irritate your skin.

Why is it important to use natural beauty products on your skin?

Mainstream skin care and cosmetics are often chock full of a variety of terrible things. Endocrine disrupters, such as xenoestrogens, are carcinogenic chemicals that function similarly to estrogen within the human body, and are known to cause hormonal imbalance. Parabens are also suspected to cause cancer in high doses. As your blood stream absorbs a bit of everything you put onto your skin, it's best to play it safe and avoid these harmful ingredients. For this reason, it's important to use organic cosmetics and skin care.

Hair care:

A healthy head of hair is indicative of great health. If you're looking for gorgeous, strong hair, you need to nourish your scalp from the inside out. There are also many different hair types, so choosing the right products for your individual concerns is paramount:

Thin: Those who have very thin hair will want to use a clarifying shampoo, which can help rid your hair of tough-to-get at dirt and grime. Clarifying products also won't weigh your hair down.

Oily: Contrary to popular belief, those with oily hair shouldn't turn to clarifying shampoos and conditioners. Why? When your scalp is dehydrated, it will over compensate by producing even more oil! Instead, look for gentle shampoos and conditioners that won't irritate your scalp or strip your hair of essential moisture. Those with a combination of thin and oily hair will still want to go with an extra-gentle organic shampoo product.

Thick: Ladies with thick manes need to moisturise their tresses to combat frizziness, but they also need good scrub to rid their locks of dirt and oil that can get buried deep within that gorgeous head of hair!

Ethnic: Those with ethnic hair often have very dry tresses that need lots of moisture. If not properly moisturised, ethnic hair can break. Try washing your hair only once every few days with a rich natural hair care products.

Good nutrition is very important for hair health. If your locks are a priority, make sure you're taking a multivitamin to support their growth and strength. In addition to keeping your hair healthy with hair type-appropriate care products, add various vitamins and minerals to your supplement routine. Many people choose to take supplements containing silica, zinc, Vitamin C and iodine to support hair health. There are also a few vitamins and minerals whose effects on hair are well-studied.

Biotin: Biotin is B-group vitamin that helps the body metabolise sugars, fats and proteins. As it boosts your body's efficiency in this process, it also supports strong, healthy hair.

Vitamin B3: Some people chose to apply Vitamin B3 to the scalp. This can help improve blood flow to the area, which may slow hair loss.

Zinc: Zinc deficiency has been associated with thinning hair. Taking a zinc supplement may assist in the renewal of the skin cells on your scalp.