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Lubricants are substances that are applied to any surface to reduce friction. Lubricants are widely used in the mechanical industry, in cooking and baking, and even in medicine and health. In the same way, there are also lubricants that are used for sexual activities. These are called personal lubricants and are divided into three types: (1) water based lubricants, which are gentle on the skin but may dry out during use, (2) oil based lubricants, which can damage condoms and even cause them to slip off, and (3) silicone based lubricants, which lasts the longest.

About Lubricants

There is a special type of lubricant called warming lubricants, which can be water based or honey based. As its name suggests, warming lubricants create a warming effect when applied on the skin. Another special type of lubricant are the cooling or tingling lubricants, which produce the aforementioned sensations. There are even edible lubricants, which are flavoured after various fruits like strawberries and cherries, enhancing oral contact.
Most lubricants can be applied to any body part, external and internal, and some lubricants even contain ingredients that can soothe the skin. Look for lubricants with aloe vera so you can pamper your skin, while you're being pampered! Lubricants, ideally, should be non greasy and fragrance free for easier application.

Uses of lubricants

When it comes to usage, lubricants can be categorized into two: (1) vaginal lubricants, and (2) anal lubricants. Vaginal lubricants aim to reduce vaginal dryness, thereby making penetration easier and lessening the chances of intercourse being painful. Anal specific lubricants are often thicker than vaginal lubricants and can even be in gel form, because the anus doesn't produce its own lubrication. Some anal specific lubricants contain small amounts of anaesthetic. Aside from these two, lubricants can also be applied on sex toys like dildos and beads.

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